Things You Should Know About The Esta And VWP

Considering the complications in the process, there often are misunderstandings about ESTA. This trickles down to the cause of the matter, which is the lack of knowledge about the Visa Waiver Program or VWP.

So to clear some air around it, we shed some light about the same.

Firstly, you got to understand that an ESTA is not a Visa. An ESTA is a more convenient process of getting to travel into the US, as compared to the lengthier and more complicated process of traditional visa application. Some more information about ESTA is as follows:

1.ESTA Is An Entirely Online Process.

Usually, most visa applications require paperwork and online procedures. However, when you apply for ESTA USA, the process is entirely online. There is absolutely no need for online documentation.

2.ESTA Application Cannot Be Renewed; It Can Be Re-Applied For.

There basically are no provisions in place to enable your ESTA renewal or extension. However, you can re-apply for them as many times as you would wish.

3.Unapproved ESTA? Don’t Worry; You Can Still Apply For A Visa.

ESTA denial would not hamper your chances of a Visa approval to the US. However, it is considered advisable to apply for ESTA USA a couple of weeks before you date of travel, in case the approval does not come through as you expected it to.

In conclusion, ESTA is a more convenient way of travelling to the US, which is what one access to if they are a member of the countries under the Visa Waiver Program. More convenience comes your way when you apply for ESTA or view here for more info.


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